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PotterCon Dhaka Cosplay

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How the registration will work. (Please Read Carefully)

* Once we verify your registration, we will send you a confirmation email to the mail address that you specified. * We will give you a special code number, a serial number and an estimated time on which time your performance will start. * You must present the number during the sign-in process.

Event schedule and Competition Rules

* You must register if you want to cosplay at the event or participate in the cosplay photography contest. * You must complete your sign-in at the entrance within 1.30pm. Sign-in will be closed after that. * Once your sign-in has been completed, you will be escorted to the changing rooms. * The main competition will start at 2.30pm. * We will call the names on stage according to the serial number that will be given to you during the registration process. * If you fail to follow the schedule or if you're late, then you won't be allowed to perform. * The competition will end within 5.30pm. * The award ceremony will start right after that. * No Revealing costumes are allowed. * For girls, no stockings, no long necked costumes. Skirts are allowed only with pants or leggings. * For boys, no shirtless costumes are allowed. * Duets will be counted as a group. * You can have a maximum of 6 people in your group. * You are only allowed to participate in one category. You can't compete in both solo and group competitions. * Repeat cosplays are allowed, but if you won any other competition with that costume then you will not be eligible for this competition. * You can have only 1 person with you in the changing room to help you with your costume. * No boys are allowed in the female changing room and vice versa for the girls. * We will provide a common changing room if you need help with make-up or something similar.